Audiovisual Production

We produce in all kinds of necessary and existing contexts, either for artistic, business, corporate or institutional areas, with particular emphasis in:
Documentaries – Presentation of the real vision of how Mozambican citizens describe, live and feel their cultures, their ways of life, their geographies and experiences.
Cinematographic Artworks – Full and short-length films.
Television Series and Programs
Reality Shows – A television program in which people are brought together to show real scenes of their dialogues and sociability.
Institutional Videos
Video Clips
Training and Academy

Equipment Rental

Audio Capturing Equipment (lapels, microphones, recorders, interface, sound boards, audio monitors, wiring, media controller, stands, etc.); and
Video and Image Capturing Equipment (cameras, drones, lenses, tripods, batting for light, etc.).

My Events

Ekspi Productions has its own equipment and technical conditions which guarantee the successful execution of your event as desired. Therefore, Ekspi has a long list of business partners. It’s worth mentioning the following types of events to be covered by Ekspi:
Institutional events
Weddings and family events
Fairs and Congresses