Ekspi Productions

Ekspi is an audiovisual content producing and a communication agency, aimed at providing unique quality services. In general, we produce and promote, Local and to the outside World, the Mozambican culture and social nature in the areas of Cinema, Television, Radio, Music, Digital Communication, Events, Training and Seminars, communicating through major social media.
Men, who is in turn the Artist and the centrepiece in all Ekspi’s productions, occupies a primary place through the artist agencying mechanism that Ekspi has in place in the market. Ekspi is in the market since 2020, year in which we started displaying the first contents.


Ekspi’s mission is to become an audiovisual production company, oriented at providing all technological, logistical, human, and creative resources in the above-mentioned areas.


To be the outstanding production company in Mozambique and a reference and quality centre in the above-mentioned areas, to the extent that international productions of high standards may become motivated , and understand the opportunity of producing their artworks in Mozambique.
Ekspi intends to be an enabler in the national production area by providing more technological capacity to national production companies through the rental of cutting-edge technological equipment. At the same time, Ekspi aims to be a resource for the market, through the provision of studios and production sites of high quality, creation of logistical conditions for shows and outdoor productions with the highest level of reference in the country.


Ekspi pursues continuously the following values:
Excellence: Which is translated into professionalism, technical competence and diligence, with the aim of achieving the highest levels of quality and efficiency;
Integrity: The scrupulous legal, regulatory, and contractual compliance of the adopted ethical values and acting principles;
Independence: Between Ekspi and the Customers’ interests, those of the Customers themselves, as well as, our employees’ personal interests and Ekspi and the Customers’ interests;
Efficiency: To maximize the services or products by applying the least amount of resources; and
Credibility: Ability to providing services, produce contents or products, in a safe and credible manner.


Ekspi pursues the following primary objectives:
To produce and promote locally and abroad, essentially Mozambican conception contents, in the areas of Cinema, Television, Radio, Music, Digital Communication, Events, Training and Seminars, thereby contributing to a better knowledge and appreciation of the Mozambican culture and of the national production technical capacity in these areas.
To promote Mozambican audiovisual artists by exhibiting their artworks and by signing agencying agreements with them, through which the events in which they participate will be advertised and marketed by Ekspi.